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School Plan

Tamworth West PS 2018-2020 (pdf 934 KB)

Tamworth West PS 2015-2017 (pdf 707 KB)

School Planning empowers members of the school community to make a positive difference for our students. The development of the 2015-2017 school plan has seen the introduction of consultative process to Tamworth West Public School. Many information sessions have been held to development understanding of relevant reforms and the impact of these reforms on our school community.

Particular attention has been paid to the Resource Allocation Model and the Working Locally reform. Information sessions were conducted as part of Professional Learning sessions, P&C meetings, assemblies and community information sessions. Videos, presentations and fact sheets provided through the High Performance Directorate were shared and discussed. The need to grow and improve our consultative capacity has been identified through the 5P planning page – in particular in relation to increasing the number of community members who participate.

The development of our school vision, strategic directions and improvement measures involved the use of strategies such as

  • Brainstorming
  • Surveys
  • Round table conferencing
  • Carousel activities
  • Concept mapping
  • Graffiti Board
  • Voting with your feet

Once data was gathered, our executive was responsible for collation and presentation of our plan. The plan was then returned to staff and community for input.

The plan will be monitored closely by staff, students and community throughout the three year phase.

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